About Us

The boys feeding watermelon rinds to the hens John bottle feeds a lamb Captain Redbelly perched on Hans' shoulder. Arghhh matey!

What We Do
We grow fruits, vegetables, and nuts. We beekeep. We also raise chickens for eggs and for manure (think all-natural fertilizer). We raise sheep for meat, manure and mowing and goats for milk, manure, companionship and mowing.

Why the Name?
Pecan Dale Farmstead is named because of the gorgeous stands of pecan trees that were planted by Mr. Hall, the dairy farmer who owned and farmed this land from 1915. The farm is in a small local valley between two hills (also known as a dale).

Kirsten is a Master Gardener and has taken numerous short-courses and classes and has attended many organic gardening seminars and conferences over the years. We have been researching and trying new things for 18 years to find a way of farming that nourishes the earth instead of taking from it.

“The price that I have paid for the organic produce from Pecan Dale Farmstead is better than paying any box store around and I feel better about it because it supports one of my local neighbors” --Cindy W