We are here to help you!  Whether you are rotational grazing poultry, hogs, goats or sheep, we know the issues with system planning, electric netting, housing, shade, watering, and wondering if you are doing it right.

We are here to offer you knowledge, useful tools, and community.


We have been farming goats, sheep and chickens for 28 years and have been on the leading edge of the soil health movement for small ruminant grazers, speaking at seminars across the Southeast. We are offering our expertise in small farming on this website through blog posts.


We want to hear what your tool needs are!  Being engineers, we are interested in your custom equipment needs.  We have developed a few tools for ourselves that we use daily.  If we find that you also need these or we can make other tools you suggest, we may manufacture and sell those eventually.  If you have tool ideas, please contact us!


We started a community of grazers on facebook in 2015, and it has grown to over 3000 and is one of the most respected and popular places for grazers to ask questions on the internet.  Check out the reGenerative Grazing Group on facebook.  You won’t be sorry!

For now, we hope that you will join us on our blog page and give us feedback on how we can serve you better.  As a free gift, Learn 6 Tips for Effective Electric Netting!


Healthy soils to you!

John and Kirsten