We are here to help you!  We give you the healthiest meat available because of the way it’s raised.  We give you ideas for quick, delicious, healthy dinners.  And we give you peace of mind, knowing that you are eating animals that were raised in an environment where they get to express their ‘sheepness’ by moving from pasture to pasture, contentedly eating grass all day.

We are here to offer you healthy meat, the best recipes, and peace of mind.

Healthy meat

Lamb is rich in high-quality protein and many vitamins and minerals, and can be an excellent component of a healthy diet.  Lamb does not transition to Confined Animal Feeding Operations well, so lamb is generally primarily grass-fed.  Grass-fed, organic red meat is more healthy, hygienic, and nourishing than processed red meat.

Best Recipes

Because many people don’t understand how to cook lamb, it seems complicated.  It’s not!  I made a delicious lamb dinner last night in 20 minutes flat.  It is my go-to meal for when I don’t have anything planned for dinner.  We have a whole area to share quick, delicious recipes!

Peace of Mind

Now that many of us are aware that all farm animals are not treated well, it can give peace of mind to know that Pecan Dale lamb is raised with love and care.   Our sheep are allowed to express their ‘sheepness’ from the day they are born.  They are free to nurse as long as they want, stay together as a flock, and move to new paddocks every day under our careful watch. They spend their lives healthy and content.  If re-incarnation is real, we want to come back as a Pecan Dale sheep!

Healthy soils to you!

John and Kirsten